Our Solutions

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High quality, cost competitive tooling and design solutions for the stamping, molding, and custom components industries. Electrical terminal, buss bar and stamping related prototypes.
Project Management. Engineering changes, 3D and 2D CAD work.

Die Tooling

Mi Tool Tech specializes in the manufacture of precision die tooling for the stamping industry


We use AGIE EDM for the very best available in EDM tolerances, Surface Finish and Surface Integrity in Tool Steel and Carbide tooling.

CNC Machining

Small batch machining of custom components and high performance alloys for your application

Special Machine & Weld Components

Precision aluminum-bronze, tungsten-copper and coated tooling for use in automated welding

Prototype Electrical
Terminals & Buss Bars

0.0015" to 0.063" Material Thickness

About Michigan Tool Technology

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Michigan Tool Technology is built on customer service, quality of product, close tolerance capability, hard work, and integrity in all that we do.

We offer design, build and project management solutions for progressive stamping dies, tooling and a variety of other tooling and design needs. Most of our experience is in the small to medium, close tolerance area of stamping and mold tooling. We apply the same skills to larger projects as well.


What We Do

Michigan Tool Technology brings precision Toolmaking capability and Tool Design solutions to the Die/Mold/Special tooling industries. CNC Machining, Heat Treat, Precision Grinding of Tool Steel and Carbide, Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Hard Milling, CAD Design, Project Management, 3D Printing.


No matter what type of engineering project you have, we can help.
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Latest News

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Check back here from time to time to see what Michigan Tool Technology is up to.


Hard Milling

At Mi Tool Tech we offer precision contour and hard milling of tool steels up to RC 60. Delivering components to you with a finish ideal for the forming of complex components.


Need to test a design, electrical performance, form, fit, function? Have a new idea you want to try out? Mi Tool Tech can manufacture prototypes for you from a variety of available alloys and plating options. We will see the project through with you to successful completion.

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